jeannettehill2Jeanette Hill: Giving Patients Remote Control
Founder, Spot On Sciences

Dr. Jeanette Hill is the founder and CEO of Spot On Sciences Inc., a biotech company that develops and markets innovative medical devices that revolutionize collection and storage of biological fluids for medical research and testing.

Innovating in Field of Work:
• In 20+ years leading research teams at biotech companies, Dr. Hill saw too many destructive mergers (and its destructive aftermath) and decided to launch her own venture.
• The “aha!” moment came from her elderly mom, in rural MO who was dealing with chronic disease and severe pain. The necessary blood work meant excruciating trips to the lab and interruption of her medication routine. Jeanette knew there was a better way to get blood samples from the sick, elderly and those living in remote areas.
• Dr. Hill’s unique combination of experience led her to launch Spot On Sciences, Inc. in 2010. Her patented device offers groundbreaking improvements in the way bio-specimens are collected for medical diagnostics.
• The signature product, HemaSpot™, simplifies remote blood collection by finger stick and sample shipment by mail. It virtually eliminates venipuncture…no more needles or lab trips.

• HemaSpot™ has caught the attention of both government and commercial markets and received over $2 million in grants from DARPA and NIH.
• The company has won multiple awards /competitions (Cartier Women’s Initiative Finalist, Astia Venture Competition Winner; Kauffman Global Pitch NA Winner, Global Finalist
• Multiple institutions are using HemaSpot™ in their research to help alleviate human. suffering, including collaboration with the US Military HIV Research Program (MHRP), Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, for a study to detect infectious pathogens such as HIV, hepatitis B/C and mosquito-borne infections in deployed troops.

Role Model:
• Dr. Hill is a frequent panelist and speaker at area institutions of higher learning. She talks about her career-choice as a scientist and regularly participates in biotech career panels for undergraduates. Her most recent volunteer assignment will shape a new training program for medical device technicians at Austin Community College.
• Dr. Hill is a founding member of the Austin, TX chapter of Women In Bio, she supports women’s entrepreneur incubators, specifically and Springboard and mentors with WomenAtAustin.

Reinvention / Risk / Momentum:
• Dr. Hill was an experienced scientist with an impressive track record at a large pharmaceutical company when she made the conscious choice to become an entrepreneur.
• Once she had the idea for her first invention she formed her company and bootstrapped her way to the first grant and first patent.
• Jeanette started her career as a research scientist and is now making her mark in the traditionally male- dominated world of biotech startups.

“When Jeanette tells her story, audiences immediately connect with her authenticity as an SME and feel her passion for making a difference by bringing life-saving tests to everyone.”