margitdetwhiler2Margit Detweiler: Pioneering Digital Strategist and Community Builder
CEO Gyrate Media; Founder and Editor-in-Chief,
Twitter: @margit, @tuenight

Founder / Editor,; Founder /CEO, Gyrate Media. Margit has 16 years experience leading digital media sites (Real Simple, Everyday Health and CityGuide at AOL).

Innovating in Field of Work:
• Margit has a history of disrupting every market she hits. She helped invent content marketing at Federated Media for clients like P&G.
• Two years ago, Margit realized that as a 40+ woman, she wasn’t seeing her authentic experience recounted online. Articles like “10 Ways to Get Rid of the Grey” or “Over 40: What Not to Wear” were condescending and frankly, incorrect. Gen X women are varied and influential and awesome. In adulthood, it’s harder to be honest and candid about our bodies and our feelings. TueNight provides that venue for a generation of 40-somethings – a place to discuss anything from fertility to not having children to culture and career – with humor, honesty and attitude.
• She’s creating “Slow Media”. Giving women a break from fast-paced culture with something different — slow, hand-crafted storytelling, published once a week. It’s a place for women to hang out every Tuesday night when new theme-based content is published.

• TueNight won a Webby honorable mention in our very first year and now in year two we’re growing rapidly. Additionally, Gyrate Media, Margit’s other company, has clients including Citibank, P&G, Time Inc. and Verizon Wireless. She knows her stuff.
• She has attracted amazingly talented and diverse mix of writers in her mix of original content — Stacy Morrison, Gretchen Rubin, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Danyel Smith, Anna Holmes

Role Model:
• TueNight is real and authentic. It’s exactly what women both young and mature seek in themselves. While the content is focused on women in midlife, the stories resonate with many different kinds of audiences. Margit strives to have a generation agnostic audience and sees younger women inspired by the perspective. In fact the noted writer, Ashley Ford wrote a story for TueNight about living like you’re 40 in your 20s.
• Margit combats the idea that women over 40 are somehow meant to be put out to pasture rather than in the prime of their life. She’s truly walking the walk for the “over 40” mission.
• Margit hires women staff and gets women essayists. Pieces she runs on her site often go on to success on other sites — she’s promoting women writers and photographers for the sake of adding to the conversation about women.
• She works with the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls doing story workshops and the New York Women in Communications to give back in terms of writing techniques and mentoring.

Reinvention / Risk / Momentum:
• In 2008 she created her 2nd Act, Gyrate Media. In 2013, for Act 3, she launched TueNight. She realized as she rose in the ranks that she had drifted from the things that made her happy. She brought her 20+ year experiences to bear to create a cohesive, safe place for women “to hang out” with their peers. It’s the ultimate book club meets Girls’ Night Out.

“She’s doing something unlike the rest of the fast-paced, throwaway internet with weekly original content and hand-crafted storytelling After you’ve wrapped up work, or put the kids to bed, or settled in for the evening with a glass of wine, you settle into an awesome TueNight experience.”