Alma Alexandersq

Alma Alexander: Renaissance Woman—Scientist and Novelist, World Citizen Weighing in on Humanitarian, Political, Environmental Issues

Author, Novelist, self-employed

Twitter: @AlmaAlexander

Bio: Author, principally of fantasy fiction, mostly labelled Young Adult by the publishing houses, though beloved by adults as well. Speaker. Previously, Editor, Heinemann Educational Publishing. Has lived in five countries on four continents! Native of Yugoslavia, grew up in Zambia, Swaziland, and South Africa, England, New Zealand, and now US.

Innovating in field of work:

  • Science education; holds MSc degree in Molecular Biology
  • Former editor of secondary school textbooks on diverse subjects.
  • “I have written and published well over two million words, most about places which never existed before I imagined them into being.”


  • Published in 13 languages and touched readers around the world.
  • Donated her private archive to the special collections of a major university library
  • Novels always built on strong, passionate female protagonists with genuine ideas and motivations, designed to inspire her readers.
  • Changes her readers’ lives, through empathetic and insightful writing.

Role Model:

  • “She is a kind, intelligent, compassionate, bright core of knowledge and experience and she shares that with the world through her books and in many other ways.”
  • Honored in her community as a ‘woman of leadership.’
  • Gives back to local and on-line communities through workshops, panel discussions, school visits, mentoring, etc.

Reinvention / Risk / Momentum:

  •  “Has never written the same book twice, with every volume different, bigger, stronger, applying all the lessons…[from] her own fascinating life.”
  • “Has written the ‘perfect trilogy’ which not many in the YA world understand how to do.”
  • “The brightest word witch of her age, and her magic touch in the storytelling world is deserving of attention.

“Luminous writer who has been flying under the radar for far too long.”