Ann Marie HabershawsqAnn Marie Habershaw: Leader in Business, Politics, and Champion of Women

COO, Bully Pulpit Interactive
Twitter: @habershaw

Bio: Currently, COO, Bully Pulpit Interactive (BPI), a communications and ad agency. Previous roles include COO of Obama for America (2012 re-election campaign); COO, Democratic National Committee; CFO & COO, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Innovating in field of work:

  • In Obama for America role, oversaw $1 billion budget and built infrastructure, resources, for grassroots organizing, technology, digital—innovations the campaign was famous for
  • BPI drives communications strategy for 12% of FORTUNE 100 companies and several of top 20 American non-profits
  • Brings a background in business and accounting to politics


  • Lead the business side of some of the most critical organizations in the progressive space
  • Successfully managed operations for President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign
  • BPI has been instrumental in electing Presidents and Prime Ministers and helped lobby for American health care reform that passed

Role Model:

  • Long-standing involvement in supporting others, with an emphasis on women
  • From work at EMILY’s List, an organization to get women to provide financial and other support to female candidates
  • Encourages women to run for office and / or participate behind the scenes working on campaigns
  • Encouraging and mentoring women and men on their professional path
  • Member 2015 DC Commission on Women (a mayoral appointment), an advocacy organization for individual empowerment and social, economic and gender equity.
  • Board Member, Reach Incorporated—increasing literacy and developing literacy among DC youth
  • Co-Founder, Lever Fund, a startup 501c3— that partners with organizations to alleviate poverty in the DC area

Reinvention / Risk / Momentum:

  • Moves between business, politics, government and back again fluidly
  • At Bully Pulpit Interactive oversees three offices in DC, New York, Chicago. Nearly 100 employees, drives resources and mulit-channel revenue

“Working on campaigns, especially the Obama campaign, means that Ann Marie is particularly skilled at dealing with complex and unique challenges as they happen. She is great at leading people through times of crisis.”