Kyle StokessqKyle Ann Stokes: Providing Hope for Women in Film
Co-Founder and Filmmaker, IRISgoestothemovies/The Writers Lab
Twitter: @The_Writers_Lab, @kamsl919

Bio:  Kyle Ann Stokes is the Co-Founder of IRIS focused on promoting women in film and the Co-Founder of The Writers Lab, filmmaker, mother, and community volunteer.

Innovating in Field of Work:  

  • Kyle is the visionary and co-founder of IRIS an organization that seeks to amplify the female voice through narrative feature films, generating a balance in storytelling and vision to ultimately empower women on a global scale. IRIS’s first venture is The Writers Lab, a screenwriting lab for women over 40, funded by Meryl Streep.  


  • The inaugural year, 2015, was a great success, and Kyle is currently preparing for the 2016 retreat. The initiative attracted global attention to the gender and age inequity rampant in Hollywood.

Role Model:

  • The Writers Lab is a beacon of hope for women of all ages in film reminding female filmmakers that work life can, should and will continue well past 40.
  • Volunteer interviewer for the New York Public Library’s oral-history project.

Reinvention / Risk / Momentum:

  • Kyle reinvented herself after starting a family. She used her experience as a film editor and years of work supporting male-driven production companies and decided to speak up for a suppressed demographic using the tools she’s cultivated for decades.

“The Writers Lab is a beacon of hope for women of all ages in film.